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Rose Lilian Arber

On 19th December 1944 Rose Lilian ARBER, spinster, had a notice put in the London Gazette that she was changing her name to "SITTON".

Her birth is recorded, September 1905 Islington 1b. 167. I cannot find her in 1911, nor can I find her death under ARBER or SITTON. Any clues please? :confused:

Her marriage is given,
Sept 1948 Islington. SITTON. 5c 2890.
I find it 'strange' that on latest census we have a Lilian and a Rose, both born in Islington a year each side of the birth date given.

ARBER, Albert Henry Head Married M 29 1882 Lamplighter London Holloway
ARBER, Harriett Sarah Wife (Married 7 years 4 children all alive) F 27 1884 London Holloway
ARBER, Lilian Dorothy Daughter F 7 1904 School London Holloway
ARBER, Ada Rose Daughter F 5 1906 School London Holloway
ARBER, Winnifred Eliza Daughter F 3 1908 London Holloway
ARBER, William Henry Son M 0 (7 MONTHS)1911 London Holloway

RG number: RG14
Piece: 834
Reference: RG14PN834 RG78PN29 RD10 SD3 ED14 SN29

Registration District: Islington
Sub District: Tollington
Enumeration District: 14
Parish: Islington

Address: 28 Andover Road Hornsey Road London N

note - I do realise Rose Lilians birth is also on BMD in 1905. It would appear she possibly changed her name as she was already living with her husband to be. Her marriage was recorded on BMD under both Rose L Sitton and Arber
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Rose Lilian Sitton

Birth Date: 3 Aug 1905

Date of Death Registration: Jan-Feb-Mar 1982

Age at Death: 76

Registration district: Leicestershire Central
Inferred County: Leicestershire

Volume: 6
Page: 2427
Births Mar 1904
Arber Lilian Dorothy Islington 1b 234

Births Mar 1906
Arber Ada Rose Islington 1b 350
Am I missing something or is that a different family in 1911?

I think the family I posted may be a different family. I just thought it strange that Rose Lilian had one of the names of the children Lilian Dorothy and Ada Rose, each born a year either side of her. Although there is a birth record for her, as well as the other two, I didn't find a census record for her.

ARBER, Lilian Dorothy Daughter F 7 1904 School London Holloway
ARBER, Ada Rose Daughter F 5 1906 School London Holloway