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RouX Who???


New member
Hi Everyone!

Just joined to see if I can get help and advice on progressing my 'birth' family tree. Been glued to the PC doing research for about a year, so far...

I was adopted. I discovered my birth mother had died young and my biggest challenge is finding my father. The mysterious Mr.X... she literally told no one about him. I have hit a reinforced concrete wall on that part of the research.

I am writing a book about the ten main suspects, most of whom are long dead. I have a publisher interested because it's a real mystery and some of the suspects are/were high-profile people. Don't expect to see the book in your local WHS for a few more years though, LOTS of research to do to make the backstories as accurate and as detailed as possible.

Got some clues from my Y-DNA and this will come in towards the end to take out a few of the suspects. But frankly it has raised more questions than answers.

BTW: Current research... Does anyone know if there is a Sainsbury DNA project? Got a very hot lead recently with someone with that name.

Looking forward to chatting with you all.


RouX (TJ Clelford-Phillips)