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Royal Naval Air Service in ww1

stockton on tees
Hi all i'm trying to find some info on a man named Bertram Thomas Davies Cooper
he served on board aircraft carrier HMS Argus, and because of that he was called up into the RAF at outbreak of WW2, and lasted until demob at end of war any info would be great as i am unable to find his service number :confused:
Thanks for any help u can dig up.
Hi Ange,

Uk Naval and Medal Award Roll


No 1 -Bertram T D Cooper

No 2 -Rank/Rating 2

No 3 -F.42651

No 4 - Medals and 'c' earned

No 5 -Issued or disposed of
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do u think it might be easier looking for his ww2 records as he served in both wars. This is the first time for me looking for navy or air force records so not sure how to go about it :confused:
Hi Ange,

There is a downloadable document for Bertram at the [URL="http://www.nationalarchives.gov.uk/documentsonline/navy.asp"]TNA[/URL]. Fee to download is £3.50.

Go to Registers of Seamans Services and click on search.
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Hi Tiddy...nice link here and the Argus is under British Warships,indeed it was the first ever Aircraft carrier built in Britain....there is a messege board on here for people and there you could maybe leave a message on the board under the photos of the carrier....if you look at the site there are photos of some of the men who served on the Argus as well.

All the best with it.