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Rudeness and assertiveness.

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I hate it when people who are down right rude and nasty saying they are only being honest.

Someone on another internet site reckons that people are more genuine on the internet and you are more likely to get the truth out of them and he also says that mods shouldn't have to sort out arguments between members and as long as nude pics aren't posted it is okay so what he is saying is that trolls and spammers are just being genuine. I strongly disagree with what he says.

People should go on the internet without being harassed and insulted by other members and lets face it most sites hold a zero tolerance policy where it comes to that. Anyone who trolls or is abusive or baiting to another member will be dealt with severely.

And the internet is a place for trolls to post things that they wouldn't say or do in person as they would be too scared.
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