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Sad Addition

I have just added a sad addition to the family tree. Whilst I have added many deaths to it, this one was my 83yr old sister in law, who died 01.30hrs today. I always had a soft spot for her, (would not say that about all my in laws! >:D )
When younger she was gorgeous, jet black hair, sparking eyes and a wicked sense of humour. I have seen enough of death over the years to be familiar with it, but still strange how some can effect you more than others.
I know what you mean Somers. For some strange reason I tend not to put deaths on my tree.........that just seems too final for me.
Silly, I know......but that's me.

It's always upsetting when someone close passes, and my heart goes out to you and yours.

Thanks chaps. Just to add to things, her husband was taken into the same hospital Monday with pneumonia and her son had a stroke a week ago.
Never rains, but it pours!
Thanks Lee.
Not a big problem for me, just surprised that any death could still affect me as I have seen so many it all just blurs into one and I accept that as part of the cycle of life.
Well, nice sunny day today so will leave family research till this evening. (Really must get a laptop so I can sit in the garden and do it!)