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Sad day.


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In Ireland, but from Bucks.
I think I must have been somewhat naive whilst doing research of my paternal grandmother.
I knew of one great uncle who had died in WW1, but never expected so much to unfold almost before my very eyes.
Not only did my granny have three brothers fighting (2 died), but also two brothers-in-law(both died) and two nephews(1 died).
I never realised that her husband, my grandad, was also called up. I thought he would have been too old. But by accident I found his war records, enlisted 1915 and demobbed Jan. 1920.

So with 5 children aged from 9months to 5yrs, she was alone and her family was slowly disappearing, and not knowing if her husband will survive.

Then 21yrs later 2 sons go off to war and only one returns. I cannot even imagine what would have gone through her mind.
Muliply that by 10's of 1000's.
What a sad, sad day I had. I am so lucky, as are millions of others.
It really hit home the enormity of WW1 on a 'personal' basis.

Lucky, fortunate and grateful, Steve.
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