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SADLER family


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RG11 Piece / Folio 0432 / 69 Page 46
Census Place London, Middlesex, England
Dwelling 36 Huntingdon Bldgs
Name Relation Marital Status Gender Age Birthplace Occupation Disability
John R. SADLER Head M Male 42 St Lukes, Middlesex, England Wood Turner
Jane SADLER Wife Female 29 ? St Geo In The East, Middlesex, England
Alice SADLER Daur U Female 19 Marylebone, Middlesex, England
Emma SADLER Daur U Female 17 Marylebone, Middlesex, England
Rosa SADLER Daur U Female 10 Shoreditch, Middlesex, England Scholar
Ada SADLER Daur U Female 8 Shoreditch, Middlesex, England Scholar
Beatrice SADLER Daur Female 1 B Green, Middlesex, England

I'd like a look up please for the family in 1891. Emma, Rosa and Ada won't be in England in 1891.


Not doing well this morning! Found a Beatrice in a convalescent home but can't find a trace of John or Jane.

Hello Barbara,

Thanks for looking. (I'll save that to the clipboard.) :biggrin:

I have no info that any of the others ended up in Australia.

The middle initial R =Robert. Jane's middle name is Eliza.

Married Emma and sisters:

New South Wales, Australia, Unassisted Immigrant Passenger Lists, 1826-1922
Robert Jeffries abt 1862 Sydney, New South Wales 14 Dec 1883 Rialto
Emma Jeffries abt 1863 Sydney, New South Wales 14 Dec 1883 Rialto

SADLER Ada 10 Rialto 1883 Sydney Reel 2142
SADLER Rosa 12 Rialto 1883 Sydney Reel 2142


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Here is Emma:

RG10 Piece 3403 Folio 20 Page 8
Civil Parish: Louth
County: Lincolnshire
Address: 5 Edward Street
William Henry Sadler head age 29 occ watchmaker born St Lukes London
Alice wife age 26 born Holborn
Jessie Naomi dau age 2 born Abergavenney
Emma Clara niece age 7 born Marylebone
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Marriages Dec 1860
Edwards Jane Eliza Marylebone 1a 796
Sadler John Robert Marylebone 1a 796

I'd like a look up please for them in 1861.
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Stuck elsewhere in my tree:

RG10 Piece 470 Folio 7 Page 12
Civil Parish: St Leonards Shoreditch
John R Sadler head age age 32 turner employing 3 boys born Middx
Alice A dau age born Marylebone
John R son age born Marylebone

Don't know where Jane is.

Looks as John R ended up in Australia but is that junior or not?


SADLER John Robert Funeral notice 22JAN1887 Funeral late of George-street West Sydney Morning Herald 22JAN1887

No age at death.

That's the only John Robert in Ryerson.

No Jane Eliza in Ryseron.
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Alice Augusta Sadler 16 Mar 1862 John Robert Sadler, Jane Eliza Sadler St Marylebone Westminster
John Robert Sadler 2 May 1871 John Robert Sadler, Jane Sadler Haggerston St Augustine Hackney
Beatrice Henrietta Sadler 4 Apr 1880 John Robert Sadler, Jane Sadler Bethnal Green St Thomas Tower Hamlets

That must be John Robert senior's death because there is a funeral notice from a Lodge. Junior would only be 16. No sign in shipping records yet.
Marriages Jun 1883
BARNES Maria Bethnal Green 1c 552
Freeman Daniel Edmund Bethnal Green 1c 552
GRANT Charles William Bethnal Green 1c 552
Sadler Alice Augusta Bethnal Green 1c 552

I can't find Alice in NSW.
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I'm stuck with Jane Eliza. Can't see a death in England or NSW that fits.

Can't find a death for Beatrice or John junior that fits.

Would help if we knew when Jane was born. Is 29 in 1881 accurate?

Possible 2:
Births Dec 1848
Edwards Jane St Geo East 2 95

Births Jun 1850
Edwards Jane St Geo East 2 108
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Thought you had a lively debate going on there Dave but it was with yourself.:D

In 1861

SADLER, John Robert Head Married M 23 1838 Turner
City Road VIEW
SADLER, Jane E Wife Married F 25 1836
St Georges, Middlesex VIEW



Page: 32

Registration District: Marylebone

Civil Parish: St Marylebone

Municipal Borough: London

Address: 5, Prince Of Wales, Bolsover Street, St Marylebone, London

County: London
Hello Barbara,


Yes, found a few things I didn't have but they didn't help much.

Does 1871 say William is a widower? If not then where is Jane? When and where did Jane die?

The death in NSW is most likely John R senior but can't find his arrival.


Dave, the 1881 original says Jane is 29 quite clearly and I can't find her in 1871. The original says John is a widower and then it is scored out. This might be the usual score out as the enumerator checked them off but not sure. However think we could be looking at two Janes.
One Jane Elizabeth and one Jane.

SADLER, John Robert

Registration district: [?] Fulham

County: London

Year of registration: 1879

Quarter of registration: Jan-Feb-Mar

Spouse's last name Not available before 1912

Volume no: [?] 1A

Page no: [?] 320

Jane Love is a possible bride
deaths for Jane E Sadlers between 1861 and 1871

SADLER Jane Elizabeth England Essex, West Ham 1861 VIEW
SADLER Jane Elizabeth England Staffordshire, Dudley 1865 VIEW
SADLER Jane Eliza England London, Shoreditch 1869 VIEW
SADLER Jane Elizabeth England Hertfordshire, St. Albans 1869 VIEW
SADLER Jane Eliza England London, Shoreditch 1870 VIEW
SADLER Elizabeth Jane England Northumberland, Tynemouth 1869 VIEW
SADLER Emily Jane England Gloucestershire, Bristol 1869 VIEW
SADLER Emma Jane England Norfolk, Smallburgh 1870 VIEW
Hello Barbara,

Thank you very much.

I agree it is 2x Jane:

Births Jun 1852
Love Jane St George in the East 1c 394

Please see if you can find that Jane in 1861.

I'll look again for a death in NSW and hope we can match parents. I can find no death for Jane in NSW that fits. If that's not the death of John R senior in NSW then we don't have a death for senior or junior.


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John Robert Sadler
England, Births and Christenings, 1538-1975
birth: 1 Jul
christening: 12 Aug 1838 St. Luke,​ Finsbury,​ Middlesex,​ England
residence: Finsbury,​ Middlesex,​ England
parents: John Robert Sadler,​ Jane

Parents on death in NSW match. Match junior also but I doubt junior at age 16 was a member of a masonic lodge.
This is a possible for junior - about a year out:

Deaths Mar 1913
Sadler John R 44 Lambeth 1d 308

or this one perhaps more likely:

Deaths Dec 1931
SADLER John R 59 Finsbury 1b 590
Ok, thanks Barbara.

I had no parents from a NSW death to match anyway.

I can't see a baptism for Jane 1852-1854.

I can see no birth in NSW for a John R so we are stuck without that shipping record or an age at death.


Possibly junior:

name: John R Sadler
event: Census
event date: 1891
gender: Male
age: 21
relationship to head of household: Boarder
birthplace: Wandsworth, Surrey
record type: Household
registration district: Wandsworth
sub-district: Streatham
ecclesiastical parish: St Mary
civil parish: Streatham
county: London, Middlesex