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SADLER family

Hi Dave,

Came across this marriage you may already have this.
4 Jan 1868 - Ealing Christ Church

Edward Alford - father William Sackville Alford/Commercial clerk
Amelia Elizabeth Sadler - father John Cox Hippsley Sadler/Manufacturing chemist

Witnesses - Mary Charlotte Sadler/Henry George Sadler?
Hi Dave,

I'm getting a bit confused here. Anyway John who married Sarah Goodchild Alford is the son of John Cox Hippsley Sadler. John CH was born abt 1806 Darthorpe? Northumberland. John CH wife was Mary nee either Marshall or Mask*ll. Her mother Sarah born Sydenham Kent is with the family in 1841 and 51.
SADLER, John Robert

Registration district: [?] Fulham

County: London

Year of registration: 1879

Quarter of registration: Jan-Feb-Mar

Spouse's last name Not available before 1912

Volume no: [?] 1A

Page no: [?] 320

Jane Love is a possible bride

Hi Dave,

Marriage 28 Mar 1879 - Hammersmith Middx

John Robert Sadler - father John Sadler
Jane Lo(r)e - father George Lore
Hi Dave,

John Robert Sadler husband of Sarah Goodchild died 27 Aug 1865.
Effects under £1,500 - Late of Pays Bas Lavender Hill parish of Battersea, gentlemen. Proved at the principal registry by oath of Sarah Goodchild Sadler of Pays Bas, aforesaid widow the relict the sole executrix.
Hi Dave,

The John R Sadler who died in 1887 NSW may be the one who married Leah Wright 1884 Sydney NSW. A Leah Sadler married Anthony Clayton Newtown NSW 1890.
Hi Dave,

Sarah Goodchild Sadler died 19 Sept 1920.

Probate - Sarah Goodchild Sadler - 4 Caldervale Road Clapham Surrey.
widow died 19 Sept 1920 at 100 Kings Avenue Clapham - Probate London Mary Sarah Sadler spinster - effects £100
Hello Julie,

Thanks for filling almost all the gaps. I'm totally confused.

Can you please try to find John & Sarah Goodchild in 1861 and Sarah in 1871.

Thanks. I'd like to see age for John and occupation.

How many John Roberts do we have? 4? or 5?

b. abt 1814
b. 1839 d. ?
b. 1865 d. 1871
b. 1871 d. ?
b. ? d. 1887 NSW

Still the 1871 marriage to consider.


Hi Dave,

1861 - Civil parish Battersea - RD Wandsworth - Sub RD Battersea

John R Sadler (transcribed as B) head age 27 occ manufacturing chemist born Battersea Surrey
Sarah G wife age 27 born (as transcribed) St Bennetts Middx
Mary S dau age 11mths born Clapham
Sarah Maskill age 19 (think should be 79) grandmother occ independent
born Sydenham Kent
Henry G Sadler brother age 24 occ surgeon born Battersea
George Sadler brother age 22 occ manufacturing chemist born Battersea
Susan Morgan servant

Class RG9
Piece 371
Folio 28
Page 11
1871 - Civil parish Islington - RD Islington - Sub RD Islington East

Sarah G Sadler head/widow age 38 occ house proprietor born City of London
Eliza dau age 9 born Battersea
Alice E dau age 6 born Battersea
Mary A Poynter aunt/ widow age 72 occ ----- holder born Lambeth

Class RG10
Piece 299
Folio 91
Page 45
Hello Julie,

Thank you very much.

So we have :

1. b. abt 1814 d. ? baker
2. b. abt 1834 d. 1865 chemist
3. b. 1839 d. ? son of #1
4. b. 1865 d. 1871
5. b. 1871 d. ? son of #3
6. b. ? d. 1887 NSW


Just to confuse things more. A John R Sadler age 44 arrived on the Chimborazo 7 Aug 1882 - port of arrival Sydney NSW. John had been ditto'd as Irish.
Hi Dave,

The Trove has an article for a John Robert Sadlers funeral in1887. He was a member of the Ancient Order Forresters. Dose'nt mentioned any family though.
Hi Dave,

The Trove has an article for a John Robert Sadlers funeral in1887. He was a member of the Ancient Order Forresters. Dose'nt mentioned any family though.

Hello Julie,

Thanks. Yes, that's why I ruled it out as the death of the one born 1871.

Ok if we forget about the one in NSW we still have some deaths to find in England and the 1871 marriage to consider.


Ok the chemist is explained and not part of the family I'm chasing:

John Robert Sadler
England, Births and Christenings, 1538-1975
parents: John Cox Ipsley Sadler,​ Mary

The one born 1865 who died 1871 is probably his son.
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The possible baptism for Jane Love had father as William Charles and the marriage has father as George Lore.

Do we know when John R b. 1812 the baker/licensed victualler died?

Do we know when John R b. 1838 the wood turner died? After 1881. Did he marry in 1871 but no children survived to 1881? Beatrice being the first born to Jane Love?
Hello Julie,

Something still does not add up.

Births Sep 1863
SADLER Emma Clara Marylebone 1a 398

Emma Clara Sadler c. 19 May 1880 John Robert Sadler, Jane Eliza Sadler Bethnal Green St Thomas Tower Hamlets

RG10 Piece 3403 Folio 20 Page 8
Civil Parish: Louth
County: Lincolnshire
Address: 5 Edward Street
William Henry Sadler head age 29 occ watchmaker born St Lukes London
Alice wife age 26 born Holborn
Jessie Naomi dau age 2 born Abergavenney
Emma Clara niece age 7 born Marylebone

William Henry Sadler
England, Births and Christenings, 1538-1975
birth: 21 Feb 1842
parents: James Sadler,​ Jane

That does not make William Henry a brother of John Robert b. 1838.

There is another one baptised St Lukes' with father = James.
1871 census on 2 April living in Shoreditch has son John R born Marylebone then it must be this one:

Births Sep 1865
SADLER John Robert Marylebone 1a 401

with a baptism after Jane died:

John Robert Sadler 2 May 1871 John Robert Sadler, Jane Sadler Haggerston St Augustine Hackney

Deaths Jun 1871
Sadler John Robert 6 Shoreditch 1c 117

If Jane Eliza died in 1869 or 1870... Emma Clara off with her uncle ?

This marriage is of no use giving John junior a mother:

Marriages Sep 1871
Cockman Eliza Sarah W Ham 4a 17
Sadler John Robert W. Ham 4a 17

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Emma Sadler dau of John and Jane - details match the one with her uncle.

I'm not having any luck in finding John's death registration. The electoral rolls have a Beatrice H Sadler from 1945 - 1953 Islington. I've not been able to find a death for Beatrice or a marriage.
Thanks Julie.

I'm wondering if two of the three baptisms at St Luke's have an error and father should be John Robert and not James.
Hi Dave,

Whether there has been a mistranscription somewhere, but father James occupation is Baker, also the same day they had another son baptised Edward Alford Sadler.