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Samual and Hilda Arnold

Hi I trying to find all the children of my grandparents Samual and Hilda Arnold nee Stevens of Pendlebury, Salford, Manchester. Sam and Hilda married on January 29 1926 I know some Thomas William, Frank, Ruth, Keith and Victor there was 14 all together some died in childbirth others lived a short time some may have been twins to Thomas and Frank. Could anyone could help please.
Thank You Julie that is a name I vaguely remember my dad telling me about sadly I have no one left in that side of family who I can ask is there any indication as to when she passed.
Thank You Solidrock2 that’s probably right I know she didn’t live long. I also remember my dad telling me he saw a spirit of a young girl about 5-6yrs old at the top of his mums stairs my grandma was a spiritualist and the house was haunted as I remember seeing spirit of my great-grandma sitting in chair smoking
Thank you ptjw7 it looks like my uncle Victor had a twin that passed that’s something my dad never mentioned my dad was Keith. Is it possible that some that passed at birth weren’t registered?
mince again thank you all for your time and help
Hi all another question regarding this family my cousin and I have two names for my uncle Bill my cousin has William Alfred Arnold born 1st September 1931 I have him as Thomas William Arnold born 27th June 1927 now we’re not sure who is right I wonder if you lovely people could put us right
Sorry forgot to say Samual and Hilda Arnold is the parent Bill is there son among Franklin, Ruth, Keith and Victor oh and Ida that you found for me. Thank you for your time
Looking on the GRO site at the birth registrations, mothers maiden name is blank for Thomas and William. Looks like an error as the others on the same page have the mmn missing.
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Her maiden name was Hilda Stevens married Samual Arnold January 29th 1926 St. Augustines Pendlebury, Salford, Manchester UK was looking to find their children
Thank You Juliejtp that is quite helpful my mum did a family tree years ago she had Bill as Thomas William I thought she would be right as it was her brother-in-law everyone called him Bill even though is name was Thomas as usual you’ve been a great help