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Samuel ADLEM


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A bit clipped from Samuel's convict record. Native place is clear on this one.
F. Jas. M. Anne / B. Jas. John .?r. ? /S. Elizh. / WP

Father = James Mother = Anne Brothers= James, John ...? Sister = Elizabeth
NP ? = Initials of person making the entry in the register

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other brother William, same first letter as native place so you will know better than me if it is a W!:D
Thanks. You are probably right, Barbara. :) Yes, it's Warminster.

I was thinking it should have been Wm.

I'm sure that's what the F M B and S mean but I have not yet found baptisms for all of them to prove it.

Just found a baptism for a William. Can't find one for James junior or Elizabeth.
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That's an easy one Steve. :)

You should try some of the Scottish death certificates or some of the films of the early NSW parish registers.

Trade = Groom