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Samuel Creasey (Suffolk)



Apologies if this post is in the wrong area! I am looking for some opinions or pointers with boosting the information I have on Samuel Creasey (b. 1783, place: ? d. 1839, place: Bosmere, Suffolk), and try to go further back to his parents etc. I can't seem to find any solid birth info, so I'm not sure where he was born. The only candidate I can find is a Abraham Samuel Creasey (b1783, place: Portsea, Hampshire).

I know that people sometimes used their middle names which is a possibility, but I can't really tie the two together as the family history so far has always been in/around the Bosmere area (all occupations are agricultural labourers). Not sure if I have hit 'that point' where the family has got to come from somewhere else at some point?

Any help/opinions/pointers would be massively appreciated!

Samuel Creasey
Age 56
Birth year 1783
Death year 1839
Burial year 1839
Burial date 23 Feb 1839
Church St Catherine
Denomination Anglican
Place Pettaugh
County Suffolk
Country England
Record set National Burial Index For England & Wales
Category Birth, Marriage, Death & Parish Records
Subcategory Parish Burials
Collections from Great Britain, England
Samuel Creasey
Marriage year 1808
Marriage date 24 Mar 1808
Marriage place Helmingham
Spouse's first name(s) Susan Purlant
County Suffolk
Country England
Record set Suffolk Marriage Index
Category Birth, Marriage, Death & Parish Records
Subcategory Parish Marriages
Collections from England, Great Britain
Pettaugh, Suffolk [52.190665,1.17558] is 2 miles (3 Km) E of Stonham Aspal, Suffolk [52.197004,1.129317].
This is measured directly between the two points 'as the crow flies' ignoring any geographical features such as rivers or hills.

Samuel Creasy
Birth year 1783
Baptism year 1783
Baptism date 07 Oct 1783
Parish Stonham Aspal, Blessed Virgin Mary
Place Stonham Aspal
Relationship SonFather's first name(s) -Mothers first name(s) SarahNotes
Born 9 Apr 1782. Bb
County Suffolk
Country England
Source Suffolk Baptism Index (Part 3
)Entry number 4300
Record set Suffolk Baptism Index 1538-1911
Category Birth, Marriage, Death & Parish Records
Subcategory Parish BaptismsCollections from England, Great Britain
Thank you Ellie7 for the links & info, it's a great help! If I had managed to come across this I would have gone for it too as it is quite close in distance. Hopefully I can find some more information on this mother, Sarah
Hi Ellie7, I have only been able to source an index, would the only other option be GRO and order one?


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New Year same problem! I've recently decided to revisit this brick wall, but haven't made much progress.

I decided to confirm Susan Purlant as the wife due to the marriage record @Ellie7 found and Samuel's death certificate mentioning his wife is Susan Creasy.

Ester, William, Elizabeth and Ann are likely to be his siblings, due to all the baptisms being on 7 Oct 1783, and all being linked by the mothers name 'Sarah'. Some of the baptisms have notes of Bb which give me difficulty on find the father. My only thought is to try and get hold of the Quarter Sessions for Stonham Aspall (as that's where the baptisms are) to see if there are any mention of Bastard Bonds etc.

Has anyone got any experience or ideas to try and help find Samuel's father or add a surname to Sarah?


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    Samuel Creasy 1782.jpg
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Unless you can find some compelling evidence, the Portsea one is unlikely due to the distance from Suffolk.

The one born in 1783 in Stonham Aspal to Sarah Creasey looks a much better candidate.
Unless you can find some compelling evidence, the Portsea one is unlikely due to the distance from Suffolk.

The one born in 1783 in Stonham Aspal to Sarah Creasey looks a much better candidate.
Thanks @benny1982 I have chosen that one, now I'm looking for a father or surname for Sarah - have you got any suggestions on that one?
Sarah will be Sarah Creasey, as a illegitimate child born to an unmarried mother will take her surname usually. In regards to finding a father, well if he is not listed on the baptism it can be harder. Maybe a bastardy bond or maintenance order against the likely father was issued. Or Ancestry DNA testing is an option.

I would estimate Sarah was born c1760.
@benny1982 thank you for taking a look into it. I've not got any further with it since the last post. I looked online for the bastard bonds at Suffolk achieves and couldn't connect anything from there. Would there be another way of finding them?

I have since done a DNA test with Ancestry but not looked thoroughly through the matches yet, but on the surface nothing obvious stands out