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Samuel Crompton 1753-1827


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In Ireland, but from Bucks.
Hi All,
I have just been scratching about trying to find my daughters Gt.Gt. Grandfather Arthur Crompton c.1879.
I have not been very successful. Because in the back of my mind there was always definate talk in his family, that he was related to Samuel Crompton of Bolton.

Samuel Crompton invented a a spinning machine, which was called The Spinning Jenny, which was later called a Spinning mule.


As Arthur married in London I assumed he was born there. But there is a good possibility that he could have been born 'up north'.

Do I work from both ends towards the middle, or from Arthur and work backwards. Or from Samuel, forwards.

Would Arthurs marriage cert be the place to start. I have him married to Rosina Julia Giggens in 1904 Paddington. London.

Need a lot of advice.:rolleyes:


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