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Samuel Fox (St. Andrews..Enfield/Middlesex)


Active member
I am looking for information on a Samuel Fox who came to America as a convict. He was tried at the Old Bailey and sentenced to transportation after serving a small stint in Newgate Prison. He came over to America on a ship called "The Brothers" bound for Maryland. He settled in Amherst County and Nelson County Virginia. His first records are found in 1769. We have nothing for him prior to this. His birthdate is unknown but guessed by many to be between 1730-1740. There are records on him but the birthdates are a guess. No birth records have been found on him. He was an apprentice (Chafer) in England before he was convicted. We do not know who his parents are or if he had any siblings. We know he came from Middlesex. I am in America so it is hard for me to look up records in person so I am looking to make some connections in London. I would gladly pay someone to help me out. I was thinking that Samuel Fox had records in terms of Newgate Prison and apprentice papers that would have his mother and fathers names and or birthdates. If anyone can give me some advice it would be great. I know I tried to contact the London Metro Archives but nobody would help me.

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