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Ann SCOTT transported to Tasmania on the 'Nautilus' in 1838.

Title: Ann Scott, one of 133 convicts transported on the Nautilus, 25 April 1838.
Alias(es): McCash
Details: Sentence details: Convicted at Edinburgh Court of Justiciary for a term of 7 years on 07 November 1837.
Vessel: Nautilus.
Date of Departure: 25 April 1838.
Place of Arrival: Van Diemen's Land.
Source: Australian Joint Copying Project. Microfilm Roll 90, Class and Piece Number HO11/11, Page Number 268

Scott, Ann
Convict No: 62642
Extra Identifier:
SEE Surname:
SEE Given Names:
Voyage Ship: Nautilus
Voyage No: 151
Arrival Date: 29 Aug 1838
Departure Date: 29 Apr 1838
Departure Port: Woolwich
Conduct Record: CON40/1/10
Muster Roll:
Appropriation List: CSO5/1/140 3376
Other Records:
Description List: CON19/1/14 p218

In 1844 married at St. Luke’s Campbelltown, Tasmania a Samuel WASHBURN who fought in the Patriots War in Canada in 1838 and was transported to Tasmania in the 'Buffalo' in 1840.

Washburn, Samuel
Convict No: 73734
Extra Identifier:
SEE Surname:
SEE Given Names:
Voyage Ship: Buffalo
Voyage No: 163
Arrival Date: 12 Feb 1840
Departure Date: 28 Sep 1839
Departure Port: Quebec
Conduct Record: CON31/1/48
Muster Roll:
Appropriation List: CON27/1/8
Other Records:
Description List:

Gender: Male
Birth 1812 -
Marriage/Relationship:1844 - CAMPBELL TOWN,Tasmania ( SCOTT, ANN ) [e]
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Thanks gibbo.

If that had been a trivia question that convicts from Canada were transported to VDL I would have said 'unlikely'. :biggrin:
Her maiden name is SCOTT but she married in Scotland to Andrew McCASH so perhaps she was not really a widow.

Samuel and Ann ended up in Victoria and then the trail goes cold.

I have to invent a new stir fry tonight. :2fun:
Tasmania state archives
Departure lists

Washburn Samuel Mr Passenger John and Charlotte 25 Jul 1846 Hobart Port Albert

Washburn Samuel Passenger Sylvanus 3 Aug 1846 Hobart Town Port Albert Accompanied by wife
Not sure about that, there is only a week between the dates on the passenger lists. I wonder if he missed the first boat and even tho he is listed on it he wasnt.
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Thanks gibbo.

Several things. If one was using an alias of then those x2 Samuel departures may be different people. Also, somewhere it said none remained in VDL.

When the Americans from the Buffalo arrived in Hobart, they found others who had been transported via the hulks in England, making a total of 92 "Patriot exiles" in VDL. Of these, fourteen died as a direct result of transportation and the rigours of penal servitude. By the end of 1844 half of those in VDL had been granted pardons. Nearly all were pardoned by 1848, but five remained in penal servitude until at least 1850. None of those pardoned chose to stay in Tasmania.

I doubt very much they both made it to N America.

I might have said Samuel did if there had not been a John Berry on the same list.
I think this pair are going to be elusive :rolleyes:

Very troooo.. virtually nil after the marriage and possible trip to Vic.

The Courier (Hobart, Tas. : 1840 - 1859) Saturday 26 July 1845:

Quote: Colonial Secretary's Office, 16íA July, 1845.
The Queen has been pleased to grant Absolute Pardons to
the under-mentioned prisoners, who were convicted at Courts
Martial held in Upper Canada, in the years 1838 and 1839, of
feloniously invading that Province, and sentenced to death, but
which sentences were respectively commuted to transportation
for life:
James Pierce, Riley Whitney, Samuel Washburn, Solomon
Reynolds, and Elijah C. Woodman, per Buffalo. End Quote

Thanks Geoff.

Don't know yet if John BERRY married in Tasmania. If he didn't then the Samuel Washburn and wife departing Tasmania for Port Albert, Victoria are probably the ones we are chasing.

...None of those pardoned chose to stay in Tasmania.
I briefly looked at that John Berry theory, but as you said... it falls at the 1st hurdle because there was a John Berry on the 'Buffalo' - Having said that, if John B died, it would be an opportunity to use his name without issue. We know Ann wasn't afraid to use an alias :rolleyes:

Yes, there are theories that he stayed in Tasmania, that has been disproved now.