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Hi Folks,
Needing a little help on this to see if i can tie two Sanders/Saunders families together.
First, my gr.gr.grandfather John Sanders/Saunders born c1828, the info i have on him is this.
Census Returns.
1851, John Sanders,22 visitor, Highfields, Sedgeley, Staffs, Whimsey Worker , ( colliery winding man). Head of house John Taylor.

1861, John Saunders 35 Head. Legge lane Sedgley, Engineer at pit. Wife , Rosanna, Joseph and Sophia.

1871, John Sanders,44 Head. Brierley Lane, Sedgley, Engine fitter. Wife Eliza, Joseph, Sophia, Mary A, Elizabeth, Ellen.

1881, John Sanders, 50, Head, Snyed Lane, Bloxwitch, Colliery Winder. Wife Eliza, Mary, Elizabeth, Ellen, Caroline, Emma, John.

1891, John Sanders 65,Head, Snyed Lane, Bloxwitch. Labourer. Wife Eliza, all the children from 1881+ Edward, Robert, Martha, Louisa.

1901, John Sanders, 74, Head, Sneyd Lane, Wife Eliza, Edward, Robert, Louisa, Martha.

Married 3 times,
1, Rhoda Taylor, on 8/9/1851,Bilston, Staffs. They had 1 son Joseph.
2, Rosanna Seedhouse, on 1/11/1859, Coseley, Staffs. They had 1 daughter, Sophia.
3, Eliza Louisa Bradley, on 4/9/1864,Bushbury, Staffs. They had 10 children, Mary A, Elizabeth, Ellen, Caroline, Emma, John, Edward, Robert, Louisa, Georgina.

The family i think i can tie up with are,

1841 census, Spring Wood, Skegby, Notts.
Robert Saunders,c1795,46, labourer, not born county.
Ellen '' c1796, 45 '' '' ''
Hannah '' c1818, 23 '' '' ''
William '' c1823, 18, Collier, '' '' ''
Sampson '' c1826, 15, '' '' '' ''
John '' c1828, 13, '' '' '' '' (poss. gr.gr.grandfather)
Robert '' c1830, 11, '' '' '' ''
James '' c1833, 8, '' '' ''
Joseph '' c1838, 3, '' '' ''

1851, Salop Row, Bilston

Robert Saunders, 55, Labourer at pit bank.born Wicken, Cambs.
James '' 18 coal miner '' ''
Joseph '' 13 '' '' '' ''
Hannah Wilkinson 35 Daughter Widow '' ''
Elizabeth '' 8 gr. daughter. Hol ?, Derbyshire
If this family are correct then i can tie up with Sizers/Sizars from Wicken/Soham, Cambs.
Would welcome any advice on this.

Cheers Iain :)
Actually I have a question for you, You think the 1841 is your grandfather, why? do you know what his father's name was or was there more in there that made you think it was him? I can see in the top part where writing could have the mistake with sanders and saunders but jumping back and forth kinda makes me wonder. I would love to help you look, I guess I am looking for more of a connection that I don't see in the lower portion of what you wrote. Or maybe I misread something. Joyce
Hi Ian

I have an interest in the Sanders from Tipton and other places in Staffordshire, Bilston is very close to Tipton as you probably know. I am sorry that I am unable to link those two families. The ones I have in my tree were frequently listed as both Saunders and Sanders.
Hi Julie, Jeff

Julie, if this family ties in then my greatgrandmother x4 would be Honor Sizer, she was married to Robert Sanders/Saunders. I've been on the Soham website and, found it very interesting. But treading very carefully with this connection.

Jeff, even to this day my name is mispelt with a 'u' in it, i've had an arguement with a friend of my late fathers, saying,that he spelt his name with a 'u' in it. Going too have it tattooed on my forehead, A not U.

Cheers Iain:)
Hi Iain,

There is a Honour Sizar who married a Robert Sanders on the LDS site
30-11- 1789 at Soham there is a extracted record and a submission by a LDS member as well. Have had a look at the 1841 census found Robert and Honour with a son called William born abt 1801 in the civil parish of Wicken and there is a Richard Saunders born abt 1806 in the civil parish of Wicken. Do you know the names of Roberts siblings?
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