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SANDERSON family in Whitby


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I'd like a look up please for this SANDERSON family in Whitby in 1851. Thanks.

spouse Anne (nee BELL)
son Thomas b. 1849 Whitby


:) :) Hi dave , info as follows:
john sanderson age 29 b 1822 danby yorkshire farm labourer
ann jane sanderson age 32 b.1819 egton
thomas age 2 b 1849 danby
parish of st marys , hawsker cum stainsacre
I have a holiday home 19 miles from whitby, so know it quite well, stainacre is near ruswarp bay in what is now north yorkshire, just outside of whitby on the north east coast, beautiful place. egton is just outside of whitby , again just a small place, my children went on school holidays there when they were teenagers. we drive from saltburn by the sea were we are along the coast to whitby for a nice afternoon out and fish and chips, .small world isnt it, . if you need anything looking up for that area, let me know . suexx
Hello Sue,

Thank you very much. I was wondering if that was enough information to find them. It was all I had. :)

Small world. I didn't visit that part of England when I was there three years ago. I suppose the closest I got was York where I spent a freezing day in February.

Thomas ended up in NSW where he married in 1876. I've not found him in shipping records yet so I don't know if he came alone. The shipping record should confirm I have the right one.

Please see if you can find Thomas in 1861. Thanks.


heres the 1851 as follows;
john sanderson age 40 farmer of 18 acres
jane ann age 42 wife
thomas age 12 born glaisdale
jane ann age 9 born glaisdale
john age 6 born glaisdale
william age 4 born glaisdale
address is given as lealholm side
looks like he was a landowner.
glaisdale is a parish of whitby.
looks like he was a landowner.
Hello sue,

Thank you very much. I'll start looking for siblings in shipping and BMD records now and hope I get somewhere.


Hello Sue,

From the place where Thomas died in NSW I think I may have found the death of his brother William and possibly two other brothers, George and Robert.

Please see what remains of the family in 1871. Thanks.


Hi Dave

I have searched through the 1871 Census, and so far have only been able to find

Jane Sanderson age 19 Servant Born Hawster

Living in at home with a Hannah Knaggs, Village of Lythe near Whitby

Ref no. RG10/4850/F? P138

No one at home !!

hi dave, been looking at the possibles and think this is the one.
1871 census
henrietta street whitby
jane sanderson 49 widow, grocer
william 16 jet xxxxxxx manafacturer
elizabeth age 16 scholar.
couldnt make out the word between jet and manafacturer.
ann is jane and jane ann , her name changes through the censuses.
whitby is famous for it jewellry made from jet that was mined there. it was very popular with the victorians, who wore it as mourning jewellry, there is a big shop right near the steps up to the abbey church that sells all the jet stuff. On the census again there is no parish just whitby listed , but im sure its her. going to have a look see for the other kids . suexx
Hello Sue,

Thank you very much.

I might be wrong about Robert and George. I wish I could find Thomas in shipping records. Age at death certainly fits.



I have to search for Thomas in shipping records between 1861 and 1863.

The Sydney Morning Herald - Wednesday 17 September 1930 p. 12
Thomas Sanderson, a pioneer of the district died last night at the age of 81. He settled at Ariah Park in 1863, and was the first to select land in the district. He was proprietor of the Broken Dam Hotel when bushrangers held up the hotel. He is survived by Mrs. Sanderson, four sons and two daughters.

EDIT: 14 years old ???


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