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Hello, I am curious about Sandringham before the house was purchased by Prince Albert. I have someone in my tree who was christened at Sandringham in 1831. Her father claimed to be a footman. I wondered if he was a footman at Sandringham itself as not everyone had a footman. Unfortunately he ceased to be a footman in 1841 and 51 as that may have helped. I know the house was owned by Charles Spenser Cowper 1816 to 1869 before Albert bought it. Does anyone know anything else about the house in the 1830s. I have googled it. Thank you.

The site has been occupied since Elizabethan times, when a large manor house was constructed. This was replaced in 1771 by a Georgian mansion for the owners, the Hoste Henleys. In 1836 Sandringham was bought by John Motteux, a London merchant, who already owned property in Norfolk and Surrey. Motteux had no direct heir, and on his death in 1843, his entire estate was left to Charles Spencer Cowper, the son of Motteux's close friend Emily Temple, Viscountess Palmerston. Cowper sold the Norfolk and the Surrey estates and embarked on rebuilding at Sandringham. He led an extravagant life, and by the early 1860s, the estate was mortgaged and he and his wife spent most of their time on the Continent.

Henry Hoste Henley was born on 8 January 1766 and baptised at the parish church of Sandringham in Norfolk on 29 January, as the son of Henry Cornish Henley and Susan his wife.
Henry Hoste Henley, bachelor, of the parish of Christ Church in the county of Surrey, gentleman, entered into a bond for a licence from the Bishop of Winchester for a marriage indended to be solemnised with Mary Wimshurst, spinster, on 1 April 1789
Cornish, son of Henry and Mary Henley "(late Wimshurst, spinster)" was born on 24 July 1797 and baptised on 9 August 1797, at Sandringham parish church.
He died at Leigh House in Winsham in Somerset on 23 April 1833. He was buried at Sandringham on 6 May 1833, at the age of 67
Thank you. I am hoping to find out about the house in the 1830s. Before Albert's improvements I think it would still have been quite large and may have employed footman.
who was christened at Sandringham in 1831. Her father claimed to be a footman.

Did this family have any other children? Were they christened at Sanderingham and father a footman as well?
Also was there a place of residence on the christening record for the family?
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Hello, not sure about other children. The place of residence was just Sandringham. Obviously there's a whole village of that name. Thanks.