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SANDS family and related Fife deaths


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Hello Chiad,

Please see if you can find any of the following Fife deaths.

David SANDS b. ? d. ?

married 30 Apr 1723 Torryburn

Margaret ELDER b. ? d. after 28 May 1727
son James SANDS c. 12 Aug 1725 Torryburn d. after Feb 1768

married 5 Feb 1757 - Culross 343/3 (Phillis) and Torryburn (Phyllis)
Torryburn 1757 Feb 5 "James Sands in the Parish of Culross and Phillis Anderson in this parish gave up their names to be proclaimed in order to marriage."

Phyllis ANDERSON b. ? d. after 31 Dec 1768
son William SANDS b. 5 Apr 1762 Torryburn d. after Sep 1795 & before 10 Feb 1857

married 3 Dec 1784 Torryburn

Christian BALFOUR b. abt 1763 d. after 8 Jun 1796 & before 10 Feb 1857
son James SANDS b. 9 Aug 1787 Torryburn d. 10 Feb 1857 Dunfermline.

I've given my line only and not all the known children for each generation. I've given the 'after' date based on one day before the birth date of the last known child. I hope this makes sense.

I did look in the Register in the Dunfermline Library back in February last year and only found these two:

Dunfermline Abbey Interments:
James Sands, Sawyer of Viewfield Lodge age 73 died 10 Feb 1857 of 'old age' and buried 13 Feb 1857 New Ground.

30 March 1851 Census - Parish of Dunfermline - 80 East Port St
Age Occupation Book Sched
James Sands Head 64 Sawyer Fife Torryburn 10B 80
Elisabeth Wife 63 Perth Culross

Dunfermline Abbey Interments
Mrs Sands of East Port St - Age 72 - Died 24 Aug 1856 of Influenza and buried 27 Aug 1856 Stranger Ground No 3 8th room centre plot.


Hi Dave

As I said in the other post, contact me by PM with your email address and I'll send a spreadsheet with all 166 recorded SANDS pre-1855 deaths in Fife for you to look through.

Wives are usually shown with their maiden name abreviated to the first four characters.


Chiad Fhear
Hello Chiad,

Thank you very much. :) :) I have found 12 SANDS deaths and there may be more that fit.

No doubt about the entries for the first two in my tree:

Generation 1
David SANDS b. ? d. ? ---> died 27 Feb 1744 ***

married 30 Apr 1723 Torryburn

Margaret ELDER b. ? d. ---> died 14 Jun 1742 ***

The list shows several family names of individuals who married a SANDS.

Plese extract the records for the following names.



Hello Chiad,

Thank you very much. The ANDERSON were not that bad :biggrin: because I was looking for deaths in Torryburn.