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Bap V18542038 40/1854 LOCTERTON SARAH A - ADAM - ANN

Page 48-9
Baptisms Administered in the Parish of Holy Trinity in the County of Cumberland in the Year 1854
No. - When Baptised: June 25th When Born: May 18th 1854 Sarah Ann - Adam & Ann Locterton Abode: North Shore Quality or Profession: Labourer By whom the Ceremony was performed: F. Wilkinson

Death 488/1858 LONERGAN SARAH DIED SYDNEY SYDNEY * 12 Apr 1858 ?

Not in Ryerson - Can't find a notice in Trove

Sarah Ann Loiterton b. Apr 1854 d. 14 Jan 1855 ??
LAKE SARAH 287/1855 V1855287 43A INFANT * 6 days old therefore ruled out

LANGHORNE SARAH A 443/1855 V1855443 43A INFANT * 3 years - died 5 and buried 6 June

LANHAM SARAH A 1707/1855 V18551707 43A INFANT * Maitland therefore ruled out

Can't see a baptism in NSW for LANGHORN(E) or similar.

Can't see a baptism in NSW for LONERGAN or similar.

I think LONERGAN is ruled out because there are lots of deaths in the NSW index with that spelling. It's not an odd one out and a variation of another name.

I think LANGHORNE is ruled out because almost all the variation of LOITERTON end in RTOR or RTON, a common early one in Lincolnshire being LIGHTERTON.
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I think Sarah Ann has a younger sister who is not in my tree.


If Adam is not the father when and where did Ann end up and with whom?

Bathurst Free Press and Mining Journal (NSW : 1851 - 1904) - Tuesday 3 June 1890 p.3
Bathurst District Hospital.
The Resident Medical Officer (Dr. Henry) reported that there were 35 patients in the hospital on May 1st...The deaths were ... Adam Loiterton, 69 years, senile gangrene ...
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The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) Fri 6 Mar 1863
left me six years ago, and gone into the service of
Thomas M'Ewan, pilot boatman-who removed from Syd-
ney to Rockhampton, Port Curtis, about that time-and
hearing that my said wife is dead, I will pay any reasonable
expenses for trouble in giving me such information as to
whether such is the case; and if living, I hereby request
my said wife to communicate with me within three months
of this date, addressed care Post Office, Wagga Wagga.
February 28th.

Thanks Rupert.

I removed the possible death I had for Ann in Bathurst from my tree last night.

and gone into the service of
Thomas M'Ewan, pilot boatman-who removed from Syd-
ney to Rockhampton, Port Curtis,

Running with what Rupert had posted ..

QLD marriage index
1878 B6213
Cassandra McEwen
Alexander Goodall

QLD death index
1921 B35548
Cassandra Goodall
Thomas Forsyth McEwen
Ann White

QLD death index
1898 B30727
Thomas Forsyth McEwen
James McEwen - ** born West Indies aged 72 years

Toowong Cemetery
Surname MCEWEN
Date of Service 04-07-1898
Service Type Burial
Location 13-76-17
1895 B27551
Ann McEwen -
- ** born England aged 63 years

Toowong Cemetery
Surname MCEWAN
Given Names ANN
Date of Service 13-02-1895
Service Type Burial
Location 13-76-17
Thanks gibbo.

Born 1832 is correct.

But can the marriage be found?

Adam died 18 May 1890.

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I cant find a marriage Dave. I think maybe they never married, they were having kids way before Adam put the advertisment in the paper so she was obviously still married to him.

1860 C712 Thomas William McEwen Thomas Ann White
1863 C1062 John Henry Forsyth McEwen Thomas Ann White
1867 C101 Fanny Ann McEwen Thomas Forsyth Ann White
1870 B11724 Sarah Harriet Eliza McEwen Thomas Forsyth Anne White
1872 B13893 Sarah Jane McEwen Thomas Forsyth Ann White
1874 C3320 Kate Elizabeth Augusta McEwen Thomas Forsyth Ann White
Case closed thanks.

Yes, I woke up to the birth I had posted. Still catching up with updating the database.

My tree is correct now with the right death for Ann.

Adam is out on a limb so McEwen is too far out to chase.