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Sarah Burgess c1826


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In Ireland, but born Bucks.
Sarah Burgess, (possible daughter of Elizabeth Burgess ), registered a Thomas Burgess birth in Runcorn, Cheshire in 1845. of Sutton.

Birth year of 1826 is a bit of guess really.

Most of this search has been covered by another thread........

Could someone have a peek in the 1851 census for her, or anything else that comes up, or if possible, the 1841 census.

There is this Christening for Thomas, and I have the birth cert. No father listed.

Thomas Burgess
Date 16 Nov 1845
Aston-by-Sutton, Cheshire, England
Gender - Male
Mother - Sarah Burgess.

Thomas Burgess has been an ongoing battle for a good few years, being my Gt Grandfather, and has NOT been found in the 1851 census.

Thanks folks.

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There are several Sarah Burgess' born around the right time in the 1841 Census but can't pinpoint which is the right one.

There is this though in 1851, transcribed as Burgss although the image looks more like Burgess to me

HO 107/2164/F266/p3
Sutton, Runcorn, Cheshire
Thomas Burgess Head 65 Sawyer Dutton (looks like Dutton but poss Sutton)
Elizabeth Burgess wife 62 Sutton
William Burgess son 31 Ag Lab Sutton
Thomas Burgess son 24 Ag Lab Sutton
Thomas Burgess grandson 4 Sutton

No sign of Sarah and the age is a bit out but.......

No subs for Ancestree at the moment.:rolleyes:

That looks promising MLT.

Sarah Burgess y.o.b is a bit of guess, just going by her possible age for a birth.......so she could be younger, or older.

Maybe Sarah got married, or even died, but this will be a good start for when I pay my subs for next month.

Thanks MLT.

From FS.

1841 Census.

Sarah Burgas

Place - Runcorn, Cheshire, England
Residence - Note Hatton
Gender Female
Age - 15
abt - 1822-1826
Birthplace - Cheshire
Reg. Dist. Runcorn
Parish - Runcorn
County - Cheshire
Page - 14
Registration Number HO107
Piece/Folio 95/10.

There are two marriages for a Sarah Burgess in Runcorn between Thomas's birth and the 1851 Census

One is in 1849 to a Thomas Tryer or Fryer but I can't find them in 1851. The other is

Sarah Burgess/Richard Barrow Sep 1848 Runcorn 19 206


Hatton, Halton, Runcorn, Cheshire
Richard Barrow Head 30 Stone Getter Hatton
Sarah Barrow wife 29 Sutton
Samuel son 1 Hatton

Obviously the cert would confirm whether or not her father was Thomas and his occupation.

That seems logical MLT. Thanks very much, but I've still got a long way to go.:2fun:

Names, ages for the Thomas Burgess(Grandson), you found in 1851, fits reasonably well. I've exhausted all other certs for him, and there was a stack to prove it.

There is a little worry, there is another Thomas Burgess born the year before, in 1844, no mmn. ?

GRO Reference: 1844 M Quarter in THE RUNCORN UNION Volume 19 Page 229.
GRO Reference: 1845 D Quarter in OF THE RUNCORN UNION Volume 19 Page 203

**I may need to send for it.:rolleyes:

Not sure how I missed this one, but I guess I'll need to complete the set.:2fun:

I would hazard a guess, the Thomas Burgess you found, with mother Ellen, later married Lydia 'Hall'. Stepdaughter, Mary A Hall, to Thomas Burgess in 1881 census.

Ellen Burgess/Burgese c1796, Runcorn.....with brother Samuel Parr c1781 Runcorn, in 1851 Census.

FamilySearch isn't half as good as it used to be. Perhaps I'm using the site differently.:confused: