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HO107 Piece 1685 Folio 436 Page 6
Civil Parish: Hamstead Marshall
County: Berkshire
Registration District: Newbury
Sub-RD: Thatcham
ED: 5b
No of Schedule: 32
Address: Hamstead Marshall
Robert Dixon Head Mar 21 Corn Grinder Miller Hungerford Berkshire
Sarah Dixon Wife Mar 31 - Itchinswell Hampshire
William Dixon Son 10mo Hamstead Marshall Berkshire
George Pearce Visitor Mar 20 Ag Labourer Adbury Hampshire
Looking for the baptism of the children shown on the 1841 Census they were all baptised in Kingsclere
Sarah and George were baptised to Thomas and Jane
Henry and George were baptised to Thomas and Elsie whilst Mary Ann (Hergaum - must be the accent) was baptised to Thomas and Alice

Thomas Pierce married Jane Harmsworth in Kingsclere 24 December 1818

Jane Pierce died in Kingsclere and was buried 2 September 1825 aged 30

Thomas Pierce married Harles (again I think it's the accent and should read Alice) Bradford 17 September 1826 in Kingsclere
HO107 Piece/Book 21/5 Folio 3 Page 1
Civil Parish: Hampstead Marshall
Hundred: Kintbury Eagle
County: Berkshire
Registration District: Newbury Union
Sub-RD: Newbury
ED: 10
Address: Hampstead
[Transcribed as Peaver]
Thomas Pearce 45 Farrier ??? N
Sarah 20 N
Henry 14 N
Hergaum 12 N [Mary Ann]
George 18 N
John 8 N

GRO Reference: 1853 J Quarter in NEWBURY Volume 02C Page 148

GRO Reference: 1854 M Quarter in NEWBURY Volume 02C Page 137

Thomas in 1851 ?
FS returns zero results for 1851 for a Thomas Pearce born 1790 - 1797 England and living in Berkshire.

Damn FS. You get several x Thomas if you don't put residence as Berkshire, England, but none with an occupation similar to Farrier.
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