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1 Rayson's Court, Carlisle
Isaac SARGISON 49 Joiner and Methodist local Preacher, Lazonby
Jane 44 Irthington
William 18 Blacksmith at Works, Farlam

I'd like a look up for the SARGINSON family in 1861 please.

I have the family in Cumberland in 1881.

Arrived in Australia before 1885. ???


Here they are Dave:-

SARGISON, Isaac Head Married 39 Former Local Methodist Preacher born Lazonby
SARGISON, Jane Wife Married 34 born Irthington Cumberland
SARGISON, Ann Daughter 9 Scholar born Cumberland
SARGISON, William Son 8 Scholar born Cumberland
ALEXANDER, William Boarder Unmarried 21 Dyer born Scotland
RG9 Piece:3915 Folio:45 Page:30
Registration District:Carlisle Civil Parish: Botchergate
Municipal Borough: Carlisle
Address: 18, Brook Street, Botchergate, Carlisle County: Cumberland
Hello Woody,

Thank you very much.

The appointment for Wednesday is still on so I hope the party gets the nod for 11/12th and I can be free of this thing. ;)


Here's hoping Dave - I couldn't find the thread earlier - maybe you could "bump it up" and we can get busy - Steve needs to get his hoover 'n' duster out for starters and me 'n' Gibbo need to find out gladrags :biggrin:
This family rings a bell on my family tree but when I looked up my notes could only find a family from Ulverston. I am sure there are more as I know we are connected to Lazonby and the area. I have an image in my head of a wedding photo somewhere. Isn't it annoying when this happens?
Yes. ;)

Isaac, son of Isaac was also a minister.

He went to Australia but then moved on to NZ.
I got Isaac in the beginning of 1884. There is a big long list of names in the article so i cut it short :rolleyes::2fun::2fun:

The Brisbane Courier (Qld. : 1864 - 1933)
Saturday 9 February 1884

SYDNEY, February 8.
The Wesleyan Conference last night made the final appointments of ministers and proba- tioners for 1884 in the Queensland District:

Isaac Sarginson ; Townsville,

Did the whole family come over or just Isaac?
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There is this in ancestry but i dont have access to check it out any further.

New South Wales, Australia, Unassisted Immigrant Passenger Lists, 1826-1922

Name: I Sarginson
Birth: year
Origin: location
Departure: location
Arrival: date - Sydney, New South Wales
Thanks, gibbo. :)

Just Isaac son of Isaac.

Did you see Maryborough, Frank Duesbury ?
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Nope i didnt see Frank's name:confused: Well i wasnt looking for him today so i had blinders on and looking for the Sarginson name only :2fun::2fun:

But since you pointed it out i did go and have a look and i seen him this time :2fun::2fun:
I did check all the other names. Only the two. :2fun:

Nothing in the papers before 1884 for Isaac.
So he arrived between 1881 and 1884. Since he ended up in New Zealand would it be possible he had been to New Zealand first and then come here:confused:
Possible, but I don't think so.

Other families connected to NOBLEs did arrive in NZ first.