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"Saving Private Ryan"

North of Watford Gap
Many on here will have seen the above film, relating to WWII.
However there was another real story of this type during WWI. 6 sons of a family in Barnard Castle joined up, the youngest joining the Flying Corps. After the notification of the 5 that lost their lives, the vicar's wife wrote to Queen Mary, wife of King George 5th, to get the last surviving son withdrawn from the conflict which was done. I find the fact that this was done in those days to be courageous.
This was an article in the Daily Mail on 20th February 2014.
I remember my grandmother had a medallion of some sort with 4 stars on it to represent four of four sons serving in WWII - two in Army and two in Airforce. Don't know where it is now. One of the four died over Hamburg in 1941.