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school records


Has anyone ever applied for school records whilst doing research? I am talking about the 1940 era. On the admission register would it state who had legal guardianship of the child if the child was not with the mother. If the father was not on the birth cert. what chance would there be for it to be on the school records? Any insight would be appriecated
Hi Gibbo

I have copies of the school admission records for some of mine, (Bedfordshire) but not as late as 1940. They gave name of Guardian or Parent (in my case my Grandfather's Guardian was his Grandfather) and address.

It is certainly worth pursuing.

Hi Gibbo

I started a thread recently about this. My great grandmother was admitted to school on the 20th March 1893. Her fathers name and occupation is given, address, and school leaving date was also mentioned. I did upload the image to this site for others to look at.


I just checked out your thread on the school admissions. I wasnt sure if they were worth getting but after reading your stuff i will see my father about it. They are his records im after and as he is living he has to apply for them.
Hi Gibbo

School records can be a goldmine as they can releal the previous addresses or scholl and what school they were to go to upon discharge from the current school. The date of birth of the school pupil is also listed most of the time.