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Scottish 1851/61 census information help please?


Thurrock, Essex
At present I am researching , or trying to-piece together the life of my gt gt grandparents, however there are many gaps because I do not have access to information on the census for 1851 & 61, this would at least fill out some of the information needed, such as where they were living and also give me a clue as to when the gt gt grandfather died, I know of cxourse he had died before 1861, which is the year his widow remarried, they had, as far as I have traced so far, two sons, they married in 1841, and shorlt after the first son (my gt grandfather was born) then a second son arrived in 1844, I have a fair bit of information on gt grandfather, he eventually moved to Derby where he married (twice) I do not have a clue as to what happened to the secnd son, did he survive, did he have any descendants etc.

So, it would greatly help me, if I could find someone who could supply me with, or tell me where I can obtain information, from the the 1851 & 61 census. as far as I can determine, gt gt grandmother did not move away from Edinburgh, she married there (St Cuthberts) in 1841 and when she remarried she was then living in the Newington district and married there to JAMES MARTIN he was then stated to be a Church Officer, my next census information about her was on the 1881, she was then living at Blackets Place, St Cuthberts, I actually found her by accident, I was looking for my gt aunt, Effie Grant, and found she was living with her grandmother Euphemia, then surname Martin, this gave me the clue that she had remarried, stating on the certificate that she was a widow, by 1881 she then had a son Robert Martin born in 1862, and her husband`s occupation was then given as a gardener.

Euphemia died in 1894, still living at Blacket Place Lodge, she was then a widow once again.
I have not as yet found when James Martin died, her son Robert married Helen MacKenzie in 1887, I found him on the 1891 census, but there was no trace of them on the 1901 census.

Is there anyone who could offer to help me with the information from the 51 & 61 census, I assume she would still have been at St Cuthberts, as she married in May 1861, would the 1861 census have
been taken before then? if so her surname would still have been Grant, she would then have been abt 40, on the 1881 she gave her age as 60, however, when she died in 1894 her son gave her age as 69 which would have been incorrect. Her age had not been given on the parish marriage document when she married in 1841.

If anyone can hekp, I would be most grateful thank you
Re: Scottish census information any help please?

Hi Maudie,

Theres a lot of information there! You say you are after 1851 & 1861 census - for what town / Area though? (Edinburgh?).

Census dates as follows:

Sun/Mon. 7/8th April 1861 Midnight. So she would of married after this, therefore as you say, her name would of been GRANT.

Taken from this site here:

All the best,