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Scottish Death & Birth documents


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In Ireland, but born Bucks.
Hi folks.

Could you have a look at these 2 documents. One is the death of William Ives, 1900 Edinburgh, son of Stephen Ives.

1). What did William Ives die of.
2). His address at the time.

The other is the birth of Elizabeth Jane Simpson. 1 Dec 1858. Edinburgh.

1). Address, and what is written between date of birth(1 Dec 1858 ), and Address.
2). Fathers occupation

I can make out a few bits on both.:rolleyes:


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Crown Copyright, Scotlands People.
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On the birth certificate I think it says 9.10am. (The time of the birth. Normal information on a Scottish birth certificate). Father’s occupation may be carpet warehouseman.

Re the death cert, if you e-mail Scotlandspeople, they will generally look up the original for you and try and determine the difficult words. They will often send you a better copy too.
I would say chronic bronchitis for the cause of death for the first one and hazard a guess as to James Street for the second address. Writing after cause of death will be how long he had it.

Agree with Elwyn as to date of birth, time is always there.

Sorry can't make out the address on the death record.

Who was his wife, and can you find her in the 1901 census for the address. If she was Elizabeth, then there is one at Thistle Street and in the right area. (not that it looks like Thistle):(

I believe Elizabeth Jane was born at South Street, James Street as below.


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William Ives married Elizabeth Wingrove in 1853 @ Chipping Wycombe.

Elizabeth Ives is still in Edinburgh in 1901, in Thistle Street.

On his death cert, I can work out her maiden name, as I knew it already.:rolleyes:

I haven't got the original 1901 census, from ScotsPeople yet. I've tried for her death in Scotland, but there's nothing close at all, of the three deaths for Elizabeth Ives. All in Glasgow, and the ages are out wildly.

Ooops. Sorry, I haven't updated this thread.redf)

ScotsPeople have re-scanned the 2 certs for William Ives death, and Elizabeth Jane Simpsons birth. 100% better. I like Scotspeople, and their certs, especially the Statutory Registers. Usually more info than what the English certs have.
But that depends on who knows what and where.:rolleyes::biggrin:

Anyway, here's a few answers for William Ives.

69, Thistle Street, Edinburgh.
Chronic Bronchitis & Heart failure.
Parents, Stephen Ives & Sophia(nee.Hussey).
W.J.Ives, informant. (His son).
Wife, Elizabeth Ann Ives(nee.Wingrove).

And for Elizabeth Jane Simpson......

12, South St James Street.
James Simpson, Carpet Warehouse man.
Mother, Mary Simpson. maiden name Syme.
9 hours and 10 minutes am.

You all did very well, Thank you.O0