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scottish marriage between graham & (?)lunham


can anyone help?

i am trying to find a marriage for George graham (b. 1819, northumberland) and elizabeth lunham (b 1813 in scotland). i believe they were married in scotland around 1840.

i believe they should have been on the 1841 scotland census with a new daughter christiana but have had no joy finding them there either.

this is my first relative born before 1837 and they have to pop off to scotland!

any ideas? thanks
I have been rumaging around and this is the best I can come up with.

Where did Christiana go - did she marry by 1861. The 1851 census did not give much information did it, just says Scotland as birthplace for Elizabeth and Christiana.

Well I found this 1841 Scottish Census - bear in mind all I can see is the transcripts not the actual images for Scotland

Berwickshire, Scotland

Betty (Elizabeth?) Lunane 28 (Lunham?)
Henry 6
Jane 5
- Christian 2 - female

I wondered as Elizabeth was older than George had they married after Christiana had been born, in which case they would have been Lunhams on the 1841 census.

Then I found this 1851 census

Town: Chirnside
County: Berwickshire

Agnes Mogg 27 (I wonder if this should say Hogg)
Henry Lunham 16 Nephew born Chirnside
Jean (Jane?) Lunham 15 Neice born Chirnside.

Now could Elizabeth (Betty?) have married George and the two eldest children chose to stay in Chirnside instead of going of to Northumberland with Mum and Stepdad.

It is all a bit of a flight of fancy but all I could come up with at the moment.:)

Have you tried Scotlands People for the marriage?

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On the 1881 census Elizabeth gives her place of birth as Berwickshire.

Class: RG11; Piece: 5058; Folio: 70; Page: 16;

..........and by 1891 is saying her birthplace is Chirnside, Berwickshire

Class: RG12; Piece: 4205; Folio 95; Page 26


1861 for Scotland, Chirnside

Jane Hogg 78 Head,
Jane Lanham 24 Granddaughter
Mary McKenzie 25 Lodger
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Hi Basil

You don't happen to have one of the Graham children's birth certificate do you? I wondered what Elizabeth's former name/names were on that.

Hi gedcom,

thanks for the help. much appreciated. i am sorry for the delayed response.

i have the birth certificate for one son - John Graham (b 1851). On this certificate Elizabeth is shown as formerly Lunham, previously Hogg. I have taken this to mean her maiden name was Hogg, marriage (1st) name Lunham and at some point she married George Graham .... or did she?!!

i am going to dig around some of your ideas. Can i ask where you look for scottish records. i tend to use ancestry but as you suggest you dont actually get to see the records. is this normal for scottish records?

thanks again.
Well that does certainly tie up with the above census then. The names Hogg and Lunham, looks like she did leave two children in Scotland.

I have no Scottish rellies but Scotlands People (pay per view) is a good starting point.

At least it looks as if the marriage took place between 1841 and 1851 which narrows it down a bit.

Hopefully someone with a better knowledge of Scottish records will be able to point you in the right direction.

I have just looked in www.scotlandspeople. for the marriage of George Graham and Elizabeth Lunham from 1837-1842 and nothing came up. I then looked up the BMD registers and still nothing. I wonder whether we have the right names for her ?
Hi Basil
I have just entered onto the Scottish site a request for all marriages for George Graham without the wife's name from 1837 and there are no matches for Elizabeth Hogg or Lunham or Lanham .
Sorry not to be able to find them there