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Scottish Side - Bit of help needed

Hey all,

Due to the Coronavirus, I have come back to my family tree after a few years away and the mystery of my paternal grandmother has caught my attention again.

Her name on the death certificate was Jean Susan Saunders and this date of death was confirmed by her son (my father) along with the supporting info on the death certificate such as husband's name and the family home address etc which are all spot on.

The cert has been uploaded and its on the attached : https://ibb.co/LRdbR7n

Now, the mystery is the first name as she goes by Jean however her officially name was Susan (according to my father) so I am trying to find out as much as I can about her and feel that I have obtained the correct birth certificate for her which is here : https://ibb.co/ZmbFj2k

I guess I am hoping that someone else can tell me that this is same person and if so, at least give me some ideas of extra area to research to pursue, along with trying to figure out why she dropped the Scouller name and adopted the first name Jean. It would seem that she has a sister called Jeanie as well who died fairly young so perhaps this could be why she took on her sisters name (clutching at straws here).

Be great is anyone was kind enough to have a quick look at this and offer some advice. The name of Jean Susan Saunders father was Andrew Bell and they were from Troon in Ayrshire.

A bit of an odd puzzle but just need to know I am looking at the birth and death of the same person really.

Any help would be gratefully received.

Thanks all

Scott Saunders
Do you have her marriage certificate to Christopher Saunders. Is the father's occupation the same? And what was her exact name on that certificate? Could just be her son was not sure of her complete name and got in his head she was Jean Susan but went by Susan? If everything matches like address and you are sure it is her on the death then if the marriage is a different name then it is the informant who got it wrong and you have the right certificates.
Marriage ?? a bit young if it is her.

Name: Jean BellRegistration Date: Jul 1941
[Aug 1941]
[Sep 1941] Registration Quarter: Jul-Aug-SepRegistration district: BirminghamInferred County: WarwickshireSpouse: Christopher Saunders Volume Number: 6dPage Number: 1131

Scotlands People has
590/2 48
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Yes, you could get the actual marriage certificate to make absolutely sure but looks like she was using the name Jean from early on.
Still trying to figure out why she would come to Birmingham when she was only 15, I don't think her parents, Andrew and Susan, moved out of Scotland. Looks like her mother died 2 years after she was born. Perhaps she came with a sibling. Just check to see if I have got things right.

ANDREW BELL M 1886 612/ 49 St Quivox and Newton On Ayr
1911 census.
1911 ANDREW BELL M 24 590/2 2/ 9 Troon Ayr

SUSAN SINCLAIR GIBBON F 1892 590/2 102 Troon (Susan Scouller Gibbons)

ANDREW BELL 64 1950 590/2 55 Troon
SUSAN BELL 36 1927 592/ 7 Fenwick
I have just looked at Jeanie Scoullar Gibbons Bell's death in 1948 atAyr, (usual residence Edinburgh) and the informant is S Saunders, sister. She gives her address as 17 Harbour Road, Troon.