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Searching proof of Death or Life!

Hi, Its a rare occassion when Im able to devote a little time to filling in the blancs on my own history.
I have a dilema. How does one checkout a death of a lost relative around 1980 yes 1980 on heresay evidence only when there is no documentation showing up at ancestry.co.uk or any other top search sites? The person a female, was born 1944 married twice, both of which are shown at ancestry.co.uk. The second husband in question is also listed as remarried again later in 1987. So my thoughts are is the relative passed over, or alive. Im steering towards the later as this would make her only 36 in 1980 & 67 this year.
So any ideas please.
Surnames connected are :- HAWKES, GUY, EPERON.
Places Connected:- PLYMOUTH, RUGBY, Poss Cornwall.


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