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Second class masters certificate

Sorry for posting again so soon.
Wondering if anybody can help, something I don't understand here. I would value your opinions. I am looking at a board of trade enquiry held in late 1853 into the sinking of the Annie Jane.
The Government emigration agent is being examined.
Q. The master of this vessel was a certificated master under the old board of second class qualifications only.
A Yes, he passed under the old board.
Q. But it was a second class and very inferior examination
A. Yes

I have found the masters certificate of service of Captain William Mason No 51385 it says, Has been employed in the capacities of (first word looks like) upp mate and master 32 years in the British merchant service in the foreign trades. 11 of August 185/ which I assume is meant to be a one.

So did Captain William Mason have some kind of substandard ticket? And was he a master before this certificate was issued or had he been a certificated master only two years?

Thanks for reading

Ps The inquiry report was issued on 30th December 1853.

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