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Secret Services Second World War


Valued Member
In my wide ranging search for clues about an ancestor during the Second World War, I have read all I can find about the SIS (MI6), MI5, SOE. NIB, Bletchley Park, MI9, GCHQ, Auxiliary Units, available on line and in available books. (ie got what I can from EBay, EBid, Amazon, W H Smiths, used the local library) which comes to quite a stash of publications including official and unofficial histories. I already have a list of various cover names used for these organisations in the UK and when operation overseas, but some authors hint (It is no more than a hint) about an even more secret British organisation. Any suggestions what this organisation might be please? I am not interested in the present day situation it is only during the Second World War that I am seeking info and looking for another line to pursue.

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