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Seeking birth details of James Rogers Saunders

Hi to everyone, I am new here and this is my first post and afraid asking for something of a miracle. Here goes:

The family diary dated 1832 states that James Rogers Saunders, my great grandfather, was 'born 13th April 1834, St John's Street, Clerkenwell.' London
His parents, as far as we know, are John Saunders and Maria Rogers who married 31 October 1836 in St John, Margate, Kent, .some length of time after James was born. No other children being born to them between 1836 to 1855 have been discovered.

John Saunders was said to have been the skipper of a Margate Hoy, which ran cargo from Margate to London, and as such could have known his way about the area. It could be possible that Maria Rogers had become pregnant and been ferried to London to have her child in Clerkenwell, then she and John had later married in Margate?

It is generally given that James Rogers Saunders was born in Margate, Kent but no details of his birth can be found, either by professional genealogists or amateurs like myself. The family diary has newly come to light giving his actual birth details, and I would be so grateful if anyone with superior expertise to mine could possibly locate the actual birth details of James Rogers Saunders and a possible birth certificate.

I and others have been seeking this birth detail for very many years, so thank you and fingers crossed. Jim