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Seeking Info: James Horatio Barnard and Clara Bambury

Saint Simons Island, Georgia. USA
United States
I am seeking information and details on the descendants and ancestors of my great great grandparents, James Horatio Barnard and Clara Bambury. I would love to compare notes and share information:

James Horatio Barnard (ca. 1835-1877) (son of James Horatio Barnard and Elizabeth [last name unknown]) and Clara Bambury (ca. 1835-1903) (daughter of Charles Bambury and Mary Cotton).

(1.) Clara Elizabeth Barnard (1857-1937); married Frank Edwin Rowe (1857-1923)
(2.) James Horatio Barnard (1858-1927); married Helena Wood (1860-1949)
(3.) Elizabeth Mary Barnard (1862-1944); married Arthur Sutcliffe (1863-1955)
(4.) Amy Louisa Barnard (1864-1944); married Charles Howe (ca. 1860-1934)
(5.) Edwin Charles Barnard (1965-1957); married Carolina Kraemer (1870-1943)
(6.) John Frederick Barnard (1868-1919); married Fanny Swain (1869-??)
(7.) Emily Susan Barnard (1871-1952); married Frederick Elijah Holding (1868-1930)
(8.) Charles Joseph Barnard (1873-1946); married Emma Selina Smithies (1870-1933)

Three of these children (Edwin Charles Barnard, Elizabeth Mary Barnard Sutcliffe, and Emily Susan Barnard Holding) emigrated to Texas, USA, and Elizabeth later moved to Canada.

I am particularly interested in finding this Barnard family in the 1881 Census of England. The family was listed in 1871 living in Bethnal Green (where Emily and Charles were born), and by 1891 James' widow Clara had remarried and was living in Lambeth; however, I have not been able to find this Barnard family in the 1881 Census (four years after James Horatio Barnard died).

Jimmy P. Hunke
Springfield, Virginia, USA
I have also not been able to trace this family in 1881. I take it that the family you are seeking is the James Barnard, Confectioner, living in 1871 at 'The Corner of Essex Street' Bethnal Green, who seems to have children matching your description, however his wife is Mary, not Clara.

Looking at 1861 I can see that he had a wife Clara. Are you certain that Clara and Mary are the same person? There ages and places of birth match but Clara did not give a second name at her marriage. Also there is a possible death in Stepney of a Clara Barnard in 1864 and at least two possible marriages between James Barnard and a Mary.

You say that she remarried and was living in Lambeth in 1891. Who did she marry, what name did she use? As she may have been living with him in 1881 and already have adopted that name. If the children were with her they may be entered under that name.
Hi :)
1891 census has Clara married to Joseph Sheveland, error sent into Anc# for his surname should be Shortland.
Emily S Barnard 20, Charles J 17 both bn Bethnal Green.
Joseph C Shortland 15 bn Bermondsey.
marr dec qtr 1888 Lambeth Clara Barnard to Joseph Shortland.

Thanks for your help in looking for this family in 1881. To answer your questions:

James Horatio Barnard (biscuit baker, son of James Horatio Barnard) married Clara Bambury (daughter of Charles Bambury) 17 March 1856 in the parish church in St. George Bloomsbury, Middlesex according to the certificate from the General Register Office. Clara's name is shown as "Clara" in the 1841 census (St. Andrews Holborn, MDX with father Charles Bambury), 1851 census (South St. Giles in the Fields, MDX with mother Mary Bambury), 1861 census (Stepney Parish, Mile End New Town, MDX with first husband James H. Barnard), 1891 census (St. Mary's Parish, Lambeth with second husband Joseph Shortland), and 1901 census (St. Pancras Parish with second husband Joseph Shortland). I strongly suspect that she is the person listed as "Mary" in the 1871 census (wife of James Barnard) because the birth records from the General Register Office for Emily Susan Barnard (born Jan 1871, 2 months old in 1871 census) and Charles Joseph Barnard (born May 1873) show their parents as James Horatio Barnard and Clara Bambury.

Clara remarried 25 Dec 1888 to Joseph Shortland; this marriage record from the General Register Office shows her name as "Clara Barnard," so it would appear that she was not remarried between the death of her first husband, James Barnard, in 1877 and her marriage in 1888 to Joseph Shortland. This would suggest that the 1881 census entry for this Barnard family should include:

Clara Barnard (age ~46)
Clara Elizabeth Barnard (age ~24, not married until 1884)
James Horatio Barnard (age ~22, immigrated to USA in 1884)
Elizabeth Mary Barnard (age ~19, not married until 1886)
Amy Louisa Barnard (age ~16, not married until 1884)
Edwin Charles Barnard (age ~15, immigrated to USA in 1884)
John Frederick Barnard (age ~12)
Emily Susan Barnard (age ~10)
Charles Joseph Barnard (age ~7)

I've tried every creative search strategy I can think of but cannot find these Barnards in 1881.

How common is it that families are missed in the English census? I know in my family research in US census records, I have a number of families that appear to be missing or enumerated twice, but I have less experience with English census records.

Thanks for your help!