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Seeking info on Nicholaus Foden, father of Randle Foden married Mary Davenport in 1535


New member
Hallo all, nice to meet you. I am wondering if anybody can give me information on Nicholaus Foden, the father of my probable ancestor Randle Foden from Cheshire.
I can find information on Randle`s wife Mary Davenport, her parents and ancestors but hit dead-ends on Randle`s father and mother Nicholaus and Isabel. Isabel seems to be confused with somebody else and there is little about her so I am focusing on Nicholaus. who supposedly was born circa 1464 but his baptism is listed as before his birthdate.
In different online sources Nicholaus` father is listed as John Thomas de Foden born 1447 but this person is conflated with John Brydges Baron Chandos or John Brydges Lord Mayor of London, both of whom do not fit the dates given. Neither does Nicholaus` alleged mother Lady Agnes Ayloffe born in 1456.
There is a source that claims Nicholaus` father is Thomas Brugge/Brydges but most sources do not include Nicholaus in the lists of Brydges children of Thomas and the two Johns. To complicate matters, there are members of the Brydges family with the surname Brydges-Foden.
As for Nicholaus getting married to Isabel at the age of 82 and other `information` such as he also went under the alias of John of Dependen although again the dates do not add up to the name, these cause more uncertainty.
A descendant of Randle Foden infomed me online that they too cannot find out who Nicholaus really was. If there any people who can enlighten me, I would be very grateful!