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Seeking Info: Robert Goddard Holding and Lucy Hornigold

I am seeking information and details on the descendants and ancestors of my great great grandparents, Robert Goddard Holding and Lucy Hornigold. I would love to compare notes and share information:

Robert Goddard Holding (1832-1871) (son of Abraham William Holding and Sophia Hornigold) and Lucy Hornigold (1835-1920) (daughter of Goddard Hornigold and Emma Webb)

(1) Robert Goddard Holding, Jr. (1858-1930); married Harriet Esther Warford (1860-1916)
(2) William Henry Holding (1860-1913); married Emily Sophia Norman (1859-1946)
(3) Elizabeth Holding (1863-1938); married Walter Edwin Prichard (1862-1944)
(4) Goddard Abraham Holding (1865-1940); married Harriett Beale (1867-1945)
(5) Frederick Elijah Holding (1868-1930); married Emily Susan Barnard (1871-1952)

Jimmy P. Hunke
Springfield, Virginia, USA
Leigh on Sea
I've just started researching my family tree and my mothers maiden name is Prichard. I think you share great great grandparents!
Years ago we were given a basic family tree and I'm sure you along with a brother and sister, Dixie and Johnathan are on the bottom level with my mother.
The tree that I have, which as I say is very basic, does go back as far William Hornigold and Mary Goddard both born in the 1760's who were Robert's Grandparents.
I would be pleased to hear from you and perhaps we can share information

Michelle Gordon
Hi Michelle,

I was unable to send you a private e-mail via the Family History UK website, I suspect because a user has to have contributed a certain number of posts in order to send or receive private e-mails (and, as a new user, you probably have not made that many postings). Fortunately a kindly system administrator agreed to forward to you my private e-mail containing my personal e-mail address. I hope you have received it; I very much look forward to hearing from you so we can compare family notes.

Best Regards from a distant cousin,