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Shields family

Hi .
Looking for any information on George Rupert Shields and other members of the Shields family .
G.R. Shields b 1889 Claycross Derbyshire. to George Shields and Emma Bancroft.he had 4 sisters .Florence..Beatrice..Hilda .and Annie .of which I know little about .In 1901 cencus it shows G.R. Shields as a messenger.and by know his father had passed away .It is suggested that Rupert was never spoken of after this time as he may have been a Conciencious objector in WW1 and possibily been in prison at some point ? At around 1916/17 he was living with Martha Robinson (not married) in Sheffield . and they had 5 children Frank Hilda Annie Edna and Joan .. but they carried Robinson name . Annie is still living and 87 ...she recall little of her father but seems to think that her Grandmother Emma owned a number of Shops and houses ??Rupert passed away in 1950..
I have looked in many directions to find more on Rupert without success.

Any help appreciated

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