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siblings same age different place of birth??


1911 Census shows Albert Wilkins in worcestorshire, living with his 2nd wife and 6 children (last 2 belong to 2nd wife)
However it states Albert Harry Wilkins, son, age 6, place of birth Birmingham.
followed by Francis Wilkins,son, age 6, place of birth Bournhill Green Worcestershire
I can find the birth record of Albert but not Francis?????

Any ideas please?????
Is it possible that Albert is his son by his first wife and Francis is the child of his second wife by her first husband and that Francis has taken on the Wilkins surname or been adopted by Albert senior?

Complicated but it works if you read it slowly!

At a guess the 2nd wife had children already and Francis was one of them, Her previous name was Cook. there is a Francis George Cook born Birmingham in Mar qtr 1904


Now that makes sense, I got thrown by the total children born alive 2, still living 2.
It should be 3 as Lily and Minnie are hers and Alberts.

Any ideas who his first wife was? I have Lucy Palmer in the frame m1901 as there is a Lucy Wlkins d june 1906, But the marriage is to Albert Henry Wilkins and I only have him as Albert in my search???

Thank you
Hi I think Albert and Ellen had two children, Lily and Minnie. I think Albert had 1 or 2 children with his 1st wife and Ellen had 1 or 2 with her 1st husband.
I'll try and see if I can identify whos who

I think
Albert Henry Wilkins born Mar qtr 1905 and Lucy Daisy Wilkins born Sep qtr 1902. Their parents Albert Henry Wilkins and Lucy Palmer married Jun qtr 1901 Birmingham
You have found death of Lusy in 1906

Francis George Cook born Mar qtr 1904 Birm, parents George Cook and Ellen Walthew married mar qtr 1903 Birm 6d 40

Ellen Elizabeth Cook married Albert Henry Wilkins dec qtr 1907 Birm 6d143

1901 census 2396-142-19 Ellen E Walthew aged 9 with parents and family

edit - possible death - George Henry Cook - mar qtr 1905 Solihull 6d 372
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