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Significance of middle names

Ok - this might be a strange one, but here goes...

I was wondering if anyone is conversant with the allocation of middle names for Anglicans (Church)? What I mean is - some religions/denominations have informal traditions that mean at least one middle name is/was traditional. My mum once told me, for example, that Catholics always ensure their children have middle names. (Her words not mine)

Why do I ask? That is the interesting bit! One of my ancestor family groups was C of E, and they had quite a few children. They appear to have been extremely particular about registering births, and even the children who died at birth have details recorded.

However the youngest 2 children were only given one name each and, unlike all of their siblings, their names bore no reference to well-used family names. Oral history (which may be wrong) has claimed that they were the husband's children by another woman, but were raised as part of the family. Someone pointed out that they may have been the sons of their eldest sister who was unmarried but old enough to be a mum. She married shortly after the youngest one was born, and her first 2 sons were given the very same names.

It is just something that I wonder about, if middle names did have any possible significance.:confused:


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