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Sisters? Florence and Rose Anne Smith in Salford, Greater Manchester

Hiya, I have just joined after finding this site on google on the hope of getting help on a family mystery that has baffled us for years.

My great grandmother was Florence Smith born on 11th Aug either 1887 or 1888, in Salford, Manchester. Her granddaughter (my mum) insists that the birthdate is correct as they share it but from cencus records we are not sure if she was born in 1887 or 1888.

Florence Smith had a sister Rose Ann(e) Smith born about 6th April 1891 in Salford. Their parents were William Henry Smith (b 1861) and Rose Anne Smith nee Lynch (b 1868 ).

The mystery that has baffled us is that Florence told her husband Patrick Pounder and her daughter Kathleen (my grandma RIP) that Rose and Florence were adopted. Rose refused to talk about it although it was a known untalked about subject in the family!
A family story passed down was that two Smith brothers wanted to adopt a child each but the local authorities wanted the two girls to stay together.

On the 1901 cencus it states that Rose and Florence are the niece of William so we think William had a brother or sister who was the parent.
Strangely though on the 1891 cencus, Florence is William's daughter???

William Henry Smith had several brothers and sisters, one of which is called Kathleen which Florence named her daughter.

Rose Ann and Florence and William's wife Rose Ann are all buried in Southern cemetary grave i849 but no sign of William.
Its also strange then that is Rose Ann Smith shares her name with Rose Ann Smith nee Lynch if she is not actually her mother.

there is speculation the Rose may be the mother of both girls but not her husband William and that a brother of William is the father.

We know that Florence and Rose must either be sisters or cousins and their children and grandchildren look very similar.

Can anyone help?
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