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Slave Trade

stockton on tees
HI i was wondering if anyone knew how to go about tracing slave records and that of native american too?
I am looking for any information i can find on a man called july (jack) gale,he was a native american and went by the name jack.He was born around 1800 in mississippi.
I am also looking for any info on Fanny/Fannie Daniel born around 1830 in henry co,Alabama.I cant find anything on her at all but am not sure how to look for american records.Any help is appreciated.:confused:
Also looking for info on Prince screws born 1828 in Jernigan, Russell, Alabama he was a cotton farmer,but that was all i was able to find on him.Any help on him also is greatly appreciated.
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I have been trying to see if there is anything else on it but there is a lot of writings on it but no mention of where the records are kept.
If i do come across anything i will add it here for you.

Thank you bookie,i have sent my email addy.Thank you for your help,July's wife Gina was african american and there for a slave,which ment that july's children were also slaves even tho july was a freem man.July's son Isreal(nero) was a slave and i have heard storys of him escaping and being caught and punished by burning.It gets harder to trace after july gayle tho.
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Hi all, i think i have found july gayle's father by the name of Freeman gale born c.1780 i hope i can find some more info as to who he married or any other children he may have had.Here's hopin :rolleyes: