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Slyford family, Lincolnshire and London.


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My ancestor was Richard Slyford born c1515-1520. He was of Wilsthorpe in Lincolnshire and by the late 1550s he was living in London as a haberdasher. I descend from his daughter Margaret Slyford born c1555 who wed Peter Scales in 1577 in London, Peter died, and she remarried in 1585 to Peter Cartwright, my ancestor.

Margaret had a sister Susan Slyford who wed Henry Mordant in 1570. She also had a brother Richard who died in 1593 and a brother Rowland Slyford born c1540. She also seems to have had a brother Thomas Sleford who was an esquire.

Richard Snr born c1520 had a brother William who died in 1563. His will mentions brothers Richard and Rowland Slyford. This means there were 2 Rowland Slyford's.

In 1565, a Thomas Clarke, painter, left a will and mentions brother in law Richard Slyford. So either Richard was wed to his sister or Thomas Clarke was wed to Richard's sister.

In 1547 a George Forster sued Richard Sleford, John Haddons, Thomas Weldon and Edward Clarke over land in Baston, Lincolnshire. Interestingly in 1602 Richard Jnr and his brother Rowland were mentioned by Edmund Slyford, son and heir of Thomas Sleford Esq, late of Wilsthorpe over possession of the manor of Baston and other Lincolnshire parishes.
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