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Smith, Turner, Bowles, Harrigan, Campbell, Cameron Etc Etc

welcome :kissu: :kissu: All such rare and unique surnames you would think the search would be easy!

This is my "nice to meet you" introduction post which I hope you are all reading! My main surnames within the family tree are:-

SMITH - mostly Northamptonshire with a few strays moving about the country for work etc.

TURNER - again mostly Northants, but a few Hertfordshire, Lincolnshire and Hunts thrown in amongst others.

BOWLES - originally from Norfolk/Suffolk but my branch ended up in Northumberland - Blaydon, Durham, Tyne & Wear area.

CAMPBELL - originally Scotland (never!) but later Blaydon, Durham etc.

CAMERON - Northumberland?

HARRIGAN - Believe originally Tipperary but in recent generations, south London/north Kent mostly.

PEGG and FOWLER think mostly South London ish

Obviously there are loads more but that is quite enough to start with I think.

Any possible names, places or odd snippets of info you may have will received with eternal gratitude!:kissu:

Any knowledge of any of above areas back in time too (but only for poor folk - my ancestorys seem to be 90% agricultural labourers) then I would love to hear about that to.

Thank you
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