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Firstly, HI:)

I stopped checking into my family's history a few years back. At the time I was using software that was given away with the pc, GSP's Family Tree Maker, and it did a good job, though I also created several Word and Excel documents to store extra data/facts. Just lately I have been looking into continuing, but I wanted some more up-to date software. I have been looking at Anceastry.coms FamilyTreeMaker . A website is selling it for £30 with 6months subs. Is this software one of the better ones or do you folks recommend something else?

Thanks in advance for any replies
Hi , If you mean family tree maker 2008, I'm using that at the moment and I've found it to be brilliant. A really good way of storing information and searching for more.
It's simple - but good. I've sort of graduated along a little bit and bought Family Historian and am now putting a lot of stuff onto Family Historian - that's also good