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Some more Blithe Tales

Since I started doing the research for this family to fill in the details of the inhabitants of a remarkeable Building I've been getting suggestions of a family which in itself is remarkeable. There are suggestions of political intrigue in the founding of the house of Tudor which probably explains why Geoffrey Blythe could challenge the king and still keep his head. There would appear to be links to the Stanleys by marriage. I have found de Blithes, the old name, in Lathom Lancashire. There is a hall there called Blythe Hall which was owned by the Stanleys. The Stanleys married the Wolseys and the Blythes of Norton married into the family. The Stanley family were the ones who switched sides at the crucial moment resulting in their relative Henry Tudor coming to the throne. The Stanleys became the Earls of Derby and the John Blythe became the kings chaplin.

All the first names in the de Blithe family in Lathom are the same as the de Blithes in Norton Lees. I also found that the Parker who was on the witness list for the sale of the land from the Chaworths to the de Blithes for the land in Norton Lees also originated from the same area of Lancashire. I know the Chaworths were related to Henry Tudor by John of Gaunt. There is a de Blithe mentioned in John of Gaunts household.

This is surely too much of a coincidence for the Lathom Blythes and the Norton Lees Blythes not to be related?
Hey DW, how do you keep up with it all :eek:
I do like reading about them and think you are doing a great job with it all.
Its intriguing. No one has solved this puzzle. I keep thinking I've got my own family research to do but I keep finding myself coming back to it. Incidentally I've got talked into doing Radio interview about them so I'm not the only one who is intrigued with this family.