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Some of my earliest Memories (Quakers)


Seeing the post about Quaker Meeting Houses further down I thought that people might be interested in Knowing more about Quakers and that they are still around.

Any one interested in knowing more can visit the web address below.


Also thought that it would be interesting to Tell you more about myself rather than just the parts of my Family History that I am interested in. So this is more of a personal history than a Family History.

I have been a Quaker for as long as I can remember my parents joined the Society Of Friends when I was about 5 Years old and we used to attend meeting prior to this.

One of my earliest memories is the Quaker Meeting House in Pilgrim Street in Newcastle upon tyne. It was a rambling old building which had double doors such that when you open one door and found another right behind it. I was facinated by this as a child I have seen similar arrangments in National Trust houses but the doors are usually further apart than they were in the Meeting house in that in Country houses there is usually the space to shut one door before opening the next but there was only the thickness of the door frame between the doors in the meeting house.

There was a picture of me in the new meeting house in Jesmond Road on the day of the opening which was used for many years on the front of one of the leaflets which used to be given out to tell people more about Quakers.

I Hope that you find this bit of my personal history interesting.


I only know this is one of my earliset memories as the building was demolished when I was five and the quaker moved to the then new Meeting House in Jesmond Road.
Hi I'm a Friend too though not brought up as one. There are Friends in my ancestors too in Cumbria. I think my husband may have some too. Maybe its in our genes.