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Spooked by a spook


Staff member
Robin Hood County
A supernatural report has shown that Derby is the top for ghostly sightings followed by Chester and York.

Have you been spooked by a spook?
hi julie im replying to your msg about spooks, as when i lived in kent as a child, we lived in a haunted house. we think that the ghost was my nan, weird things used to happen like things going missing. and a feeling of being watched when coming down the stairs
Hi Julie
l live in a fairly new house and we have George. George moves things then puts them back next day in the same place puts coins on to light fittings or he did untill we changed them he cannot manage that now. when l was really ill a few years ago used to have help with the house work and the lady who helped would not stay in the house on her own. We just ignore him but tell him off sometimes.
I guess I can understand Chester & York but Derby is a strange one......
are there many old buildings there? :confused: I did the ghost walk at York once.
Pretty sure it was Derby.

The school I work at have a sleepover for the children once a year and the theme is ghosts. Starts off with a ghost story then up to the top corridor for the ghostly sighting of Mad Mary. They bring in their sleeping bags and kip down in the hall . About 5.30am they start stirring and wanting breakfast. No traumertized children, its all in good fun.