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St Pancras & Islington Cemetery, London.


Staff member
Several of my direct ancestors are buried here who died inbetween 1884 and 1889. 4 I can think of in total.

I have just found out that a staggering 812'000 people are buried (excluding cremated) at this cemetery since it opened in 1854. That is incredible and gobsmacking to the max. 4 of those people contributed to my gene pool

I thought 170'000 for Highgate was high but that is 4 times less than StP & I.

The cemetery has the most burials in any in the UK. I assumed about half a million people were buried there but no it is over 800,000 and with cremations almost 1 million internments.
St Pancras Church just outside of the impresive train station is an amazing old church,full of history and intrigue sat bang right in the middle of a busy modern area,if anyone gets the chance give it a visit.
Donnami(my wife) father and uncles were born and raised in St Pancras...the Eckett family a fairly rare name almost certainly derived from the Eckhart name.