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staffordshire parishes

Hi guys, does anyone possibly know the wolstanton /silverdale knutton areas, im looking for the parish records for a marriage that took place in wolstanton in dec 1873, but cannot seem to track down the parish records. thanks suex

I don't if these urls are of any use to you but I have them bookmarked, as I'm also searching Staffordshire parish records.

http://www.genealogylinks.net/uk/england/staffordshire/staffordshire_parish_registers.htm this has Silverdale and Knutton mentioned.

http://www.bmsgh.org/search/st_marr_Index.html I think these dates are too early for you.

http://uk-genealogy.org.uk/england/Staffordshire/towns/Wolstanton.html I don't know if this will be of any help to you in finding where the records will be.

thanks will give it a go, i did actually find the records where held in the LDS family history centre in london, we have one about 15 mins from where i live but its £30 a go so if you find nothing its an expensive exercise. Having said that the LDS website has loads of records for those areas. sue
Staffs BMD has been very slow because of lack of volunteers compared to Lancs & Ches.
However, they have a surge which is wonderful, updated 23 Feb.
Good luck.