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New member
I'm making slow progress in trying to find my half brother's relatives. I was told by my mother, a few years ago, that my father was not everything that I had been led to believe, i.e. in his name and the fact that he had a son by another woman other than my mother. I put off the task of looking for him until about a year ago when I found that my father (Guy Barrington Wood) and his son (Brian Anthony Barrington Wood) had both died, the former of a heart attack in 1977 and the latter of a failed heart transplant in 1992. I have found their last known addresses from the death certificates but can't get any further as letters bring no results as they remain unanswered. I have tracked my brother down to a person by the name of Christine Myrtle Wood who organised the Probate in 2004 although he died in 1992 but the letter was returned unanswered to me as 'gone away'. I tried writing to the owner of the land where she lived (a mobile home site) but that hasn't been answered. I would like to find his brothers, sisters, children or wife only to find out what his character was like and what his appearance was like etc. Similarly for my father. Has anyone got any suggestions as to how I could take this further? My mother died a few months ago and had no information to give when alive as she had not heard of either of them for 60 years. I only found the information I have from the death certificate of my father and finding the name of the person who reported the death and also from his marriage certificate and from that guessing on the identity of my brother and getting birth and death certificates. From the latter I found out he was a stable owner in Dorking. (I tried contacting the address of the person who reported his death but a person replied saying he had moved away before she moved in.) Can anyone help or say where they think the next lead could be or where I could go as I can't trace further down my family tree until I have these last details? Thanks.:eek: