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Steel/e and Dunbar family


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I am helping my friend who is a member on here to search for her Dunbar family today and her threads are already made ages ago.

So she haven't received a birth cert when she ordered it on 16th Aug and didnt arrived - supposedly around 16th July and I phoned up the GRO office to find out what's happening. They had successed find the information for her nanny's real mum. So they decided to re-order other one as the original we have ordered, think got lost in the post.

She got the cert this morning.

Mary Elizabeth (Sylvia's real name)'s mum is Mary Ella Jane Steel and her father is James Alfred Dunbar.

I begin the search for them and came to the marriage information on Ancestry to my surprise that James Alfred Dunbar married to Ella Steel (not Mary stated on the cert) and could you confirm this for me. Here is the link to that cert http://search.ancestry.co.uk/cgi-bi...ATEGORY&h=67069420&db=ONSmarriage1984&indiv=1

I have tried to search for both James and Mary on censuses but couldn't find anything. They are hard to find I think.

Mary Ella Jane Steel or Steele born around 1900 in Northumberland that where she got married as possible Ella Steel and died in 1933 after gave birth to the last child, Mary Elizabeth.

James born unknown as we got his brother Thomas Dudley who was raising james' daughter, born in Cumbria, cumberland in 1895. We cant work out when James was born.

If you need any details, let me know.

Thank you very much
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